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Woodspear Properties was formed in 1981 by its general partners John Woodward and Steven Spierer. Woodspear Properties, as a private real estate investment and management company, has since acquired and manages a diversified commercial real estate portfolio consisting of 2,493 apartment units and 19 commercial properties.

The investment and management philosophy of Woodspear Properties is one of long-term relationships with partners, employees, and tenants based upon mutual respect and trust. The company focus is oriented toward customer service, maximizing leasing, tenant retention, and consistent investment performance.

The Director of Property Management for Woodspear Properties is H.D. Aylsworth, CPM®. Mr. Aylsworth oversees all management and company operations as well as a staff of approximately ninety employees. John Woodward interfaces with Mr. Aylsworth on all important company strategy and management decisions.

Woodspear Properties anticipates adding one to four properties each year to its portfolio. As a general rule, the company’s philosophy is one of buy and hold, rather than short-term trading.